Leveret – Diversions (2019)



  • Album: Diversions
  • Genre: Folk
  • Released: 2019
  • Format: MP3 320Kbps
  • Size: 109 MB

01 – The Bull Ring / The Lady’s Bright Knot
02 – Enfield Common
03 – Ellis Knowles’ No.7 / The Honey Moon
04 – The Wounded Huzzar
05 – Molly Apple Pye
06 – Drunken Barnaby / Cuckolds All a Row
07 – A Hornpipe / The Sailor’s Delight
08 – Hessian Camp
09 – Unanimity / King George the Third’s March
10 – Nelson Hornpipe
11 – The Cherping of the Lark

First Song Preview

Second Song Preview

Third Song Preview


MP3 download link

Leveret – Diversions (2019).zip


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